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Star LanguageExchange
for the people who are willing to learn and teach languages:D

Group Founder: kawaii.e
Description: if you would like to learn a language and maybe teach your native language to someone who is interested in it, please join this group.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 189
Category: People > Alternative

Topics (46)

go noor muhammad (0) alawdin
any french 1

go Any1 want learn Chinese? (4)
just bud me i will teach u some lol

go Love (0) ndilo
I would realy like to learn hindu german french spanish portuguese or russian any of th 6 m a fast learner teach me pls

go My group (4) mielikki
I have a group on here about music and languages spoken include French, Spanish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malaysian, German and more. If you would like to be a high ranking member of a 3 star group with a...

go German language help (1) nightpup
Hi. I'm learning German and I have a blog that helps people teach themself. I can't update it right now, but there's still enough info to get you going I think. There are web sites, music videos, film...

go Can any one teach me Welsh? (0) 0sayed0
Is there any great wise who can understand or speak Welsh. Can you teach me or solve me some problem. I am waiting for that kind man.

go Learn Bengali (0) 0sayed0
Bengali is one of the international language. If you are interested in learning this language then you can ask any problem. I will solve it in Bengali.

go Someone teach me arabic (1) cynyiese
I nid someone to teach me arabic. Anyone interestd in know swahili

go plz teach me spanish (4) sexisinr
its interesting! isn't it?

go Arabic (4) veakid
Hello is there anyone that can help me find a site or that can teach me to read and write arabic on-line?

go L. Magyar+francais. T. English (0) kivanlak
Want to learn magyar and francais. Qualified english teacher

go Who is wanna learn Russian? (3) aire01
Can help to learn it.this my native tongue

go I love you/i love you too (2) mcrlvr
I would love 2 kno how to say i love u and i love u 2 in all ways;) plzz tell!

go i love you (21) kawaii.e
please post here -i love you- in your native language:) i love knowing it in different languages.

go teach eng dutch swedish german french italian spanish indonesian want 2 learn pashto or ethiopian (a (16) slamzi
am in australia wanna go ethiopia and afghanistan who wanna come along


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